Monday, August 9, 2010

Decisions..decisions.. have u guys been doing?

It has been a tiring month, i've been lagging on social networking..arghh!!! so long have not long have not go on a photo i really miss those holidays now..those late nights and not-so-early morning :)..but what the hell yeah? we all need to look forward everytime..

Exams are just around the corner so i have to be kicking up my studies up a notch..and then i need to keep controlling my diet, its Ramadhan now.. Happy Ramadhan dear readers, make sure that you would cherish this Ramadhan as though it was your last, you never know when will you die so better be prepared for it all the time...

As for my current wants.. I'm considering to buy an iPhone 4 but it is really expensive and do I really need it, should i wait for my iPhone 3G to be disposable ..wants are too many..hope I can calm down my lust to expensive stuffs, May Ramadhan teach me things.. again..

Take care..salam..

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