Sunday, July 18, 2010


Ok readers, a late post! i've been busy during the weekends because of two things.
reconciling with my girl
and, handling tennis selection.! -.-

The first bit of my weekend started of with a normal gym day, kicking the legs out of pace a bit making it tired so that it can really grow BIG!! haha
After i finished gym session, i had me lunch at the cafeteria in the club while doing my assignments, I know im lame dear. :) then i straight away went to KLCC. had some pictures taken, even candid ones of foreigners haha . later towards the evening i hung out with dearest <3 and we had loadds of fun since everything is back to normal, oops no! waaay much better than before we really had sooo much fun :D

the last bit of my weekend was dedicated to the tennis selection in which unfortunately, not many people turn up so i have to do another round of selection. urghh!! i hate that.! but nonetheless i stood to show that i can play tennis very well and perhaps even representing the faculty but I'll consider that later.

I really wish next week would be a better weekend I really want to go to gym with Imran again and coach as well ;( and also have new vids taken. arghh now i miss them hols!

Dearest I love You.

ok then off to bed! ciao ~

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