Tuesday, July 13, 2010

ALC 2010

Hye guys.! remember my last post, saying that i'm gonna b away for 3 days.? Now im back :D smiles!~ I was away due to the ALC 2010 which is Accountancy Leadership Camp, in which at first was really a waste of time but in the end, after finishing all the activities and upon reaching Uitm i thought it did bring some good pointers, good feedback to how I carry myself around nowadays, I mean like I feel the obligation to be more punctual to classes, I feel the overwhelming need to attend meetings and i feel the pressure to become a nerd 0.o

So, we arrived at camp Ponsoon, Sg. Congkak at 5 on friday i think, just as we arrived we checked in and we ate, that night there was an activity called nightwalk where we go to go through the jungle in the swamps, down the river and back to our camp, the terrain was very hard as it is wet and slippery and there are not many trees and roots to hold on to.

Moving on to the next day we had to dip in the cold river early as 7 am! yes tell me about it it's damn cold!! but it was loaddssss of fun. After having lunch and prayers we had to go about jungle trekking again. and obstacle course. it was loaaads of fun during the obstacle course because there is this one girl who seems to love being on top of the wall and does not want to come down :P

All in all it was really a nice experience, I thank all the OC's, the Fasci's as well and not to forget new friends :D


Anonymous said...

and knowing that peopla call aisyah ahmad siti jelita :p

Faiq Anuar said...

eww hu is that. seriusly xder dlm camp tuh. yg ade is aishah buruk..

lyadyana said...

ALC rocks!